Jessica Harris is a licensed Esthetician, with a focus on holistic skin care and facial rejuvenation techniques through advanced facial massage and traditional therapies such as Gua Sha and Herbal Poultice to tone, sculpt and provide an overall facial contour and lift; utilizing manual lymph drainage, beautiful botanicals and synergistic ingredients. She is delighted to also weave a lifelong interest and study into various holistic and alternative therapies into her Holistic Skin Care practice. 


Being in nature, whether in quiet reflection or playing or working, is her foundational relationship for a healthy life. As a youngster, with open land and nature accessible, she was often exploring woodlands and creeks, and attuning to natural world.

An intuitive awakening regarding health and food came at a young age while working a summer job for Tenneco Oil Company in Texas. Curiosity about the world and life beyond a hometown experience led her to become an International Flight Attendant for 12 years, which presented more holistic experiences and modalities such as various massage techniques, aromatherapy, traditional foods and healing customs, traditional communities and relationships, sports and meditation.


Jessica began studying holistic therapies in earnest in 1994. She

studied massage and herbal medicine in Hawaii at the Hale Haelen School of Massage; continued herbal studies at the American School of Herbalism in Santa Cruz, CA with Christopher Hobbs, 1996; nutrition at the Institute of Educational Therapies, certified as Nutrition Educator, 1998; Systemic Healing in 2005; and Reflexology in 2015. She began studying and practicing Permaculture Design in 2000, which taught not only sustainable farming but also sustainable lifestyle creation. She has been a wildcrafter, medicine maker, massage therapist, community gardener and farmer, community organizer and Mom.

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