Catch your Breath, Relax and Integrate

This past year has been one of lots of change for many people on the planet. As the planet is shifting, it is propelling us to make big movements, on several levels. Many have had major life shifts i.e. moving, ending relationships, changing jobs, losing a loved one, adjusting our thinking, re-evaluating our choices, etc... As change is often good and moves us  in the right direction, it brings up so much of what we have to let go of and this process can leave us feeling stressed, at a loss, ungrounded and sometimes fractured.  Rapid moving change can make us feel as if we can't even catch our breath. In times like this, it is important to remember to do self care. Practices like meditation, yoga, acupuncture treatments, massage, being in nature, eating the right foods, getting enough rest, using your favorite essential oil, etc... can make all the difference in the world to help you integrate all that life is asking of you.  I offer a special treatment just for times like this to bring you back to yourself and consolidate all the parts of yourself that may feel scattered. I call it the Self Integration Treatment. This treatment uses specific acupuncture points to harmonize emotions, relieve stress, balance the sympathetic nervous system and re-aligns mind, body and spirit.  Not only will you feel better on every level, you will have the capacity to make better decisions and choices for your life.  A great way to start this new year.

Many blessings to you ~


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