How to Navigate These Challenging Times

To say that these are challenging times is an understatement. Politics, epidemics (cancer, lyme disease, etc...), war, environmental concerns, and on and on. We are also in an age in which technology is running our lives, connecting us and disconnecting us all at once.  We are being bombarded with all the good, bad and ugly in the world and often find ourselves overwhelmed, stressed and not feeling well. As an empath I feel it all, and feel inspired to share some information that may provide help and hope. 

Please note as challenging as the time we find ourselves in currently, these are also powerful times that challenge us to become our very best selves in order to survive and embrace our potential.

Over my many years of practicing energetic medicine and all that that encompasses as well as being an intuitive, I am feeling compelled now to put this information out there to you.

There is no time to waste. We are here in this powerful moment of calling out our shadows in order to move forward and in the correct direction that our soul is wanting to take us. You can see in our current presidential election, our choices are great mirrors for all of our shadows. We are all in this together folks. We all share these shadows and they are coming out for all of us to call them out - literally calling them out so that we can heal them individually and collectively. In fact, whatever you do for and to yourself effects the collective (the negative and the positive). There is no more "us" and "them", we are all if "it" - we are creating the us and the them. We are the us and them, so there is only the One. To understand this concept, I feel, is empowering and motivating to heal my own personal shadows in order to heal the collective and to create great positive change.  As we change, everything changes. We are the collective "we".

Astrologically we are moving into the Age of Aquarius and out of an age of darkness and into an age of enlightenment. What does that mean? Well, you can Google it, but in my perspective, it means that we are coming out of dualistic thinking and moving into a unity heart consciousness or God Consciousness, and what that means is we are being called to see and be in a different way, which can make us feel lost and out of sorts. The old ways don't quite feel right anymore or make sense. What if we weren't in our minds so much. If you think about it, we have two hemispheres of our brain, one is probably female and one male, yin and yang, analytical and abstract, passive and aggressive, etc... The brain is very useful and important, but these times are asking us to move out of the duality of thinking and into our second brain (gut) that connects us to our heart and deep knowing (guidance). As many of you have experienced, the brain can be a major trickster, it can tell us all kinds of illusions about ourselves and others, and have us believing the craziest of things. We've been guided and giving most of our power to this trickster for way too long. Just look at what it has created on the planet. We've allowed the brain to be the master and our heart the servant. What if we flipped it and operated from a place where our heart was the master and our brain the servant. My hunch is that we would make better decisions, see things in a different way, have more love and compassion, not come from a place of reaction, not take things personally, we would see the divinity in ourselves and others and in everything around us. There would be no war, no trying to be right, no greed, no lack, no fear, anger, etc...

So I'm starting this blog series to share the various ways in which we can help ourselves move into this new paradigm shift of what it means to raise our vibration, move into our second brain and heart consciousness, and what that might look like. So please join me in discovering ourselves as the One Divine Energy that we all are and becoming our magnificence so that we can shift and heal as a collective.


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