The Way to the Meditate Space

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Today I want to elaborate on the idea of shifting our presence from being in the mind most of the time to dropping into our sacred heart space, and allowing our sacred heart space to be our master, and our mind to be the servant, instead of the other way around. We all really need to get this if we are to move into a more peaceful reality. As I previously mentioned, we are moving into a unity consciousness and oneness connection, which does not occur in our brain, in fact, our brain is what creates the separation. There is no way we can meet in the mind collectively because there are too many mental beliefs and concepts of right and wrong, black and white, etc... that appear to be in a constant battle with one another, and are projected outwardly in the battles we see in the world today. It took me awhile to figure out what this transformation might look like or how this shift would occur, and as I don't have all the answers, of course, I feel that I am being guided in discovering ways of making this shift possible. Years ago I met a Black Feet/Oneida medicine man in Santa Fe, NM. He told me something that I was already intuiting about myself, but somehow I was surprised that he could see it so clearly. He said that I was like an upside down triangle and there was a disconnect between my heart and my head, the triangle was severed. Then a few years later, I met this cowboy healer from Montana who also spoke of these concepts of being in the heart space, and how important it was to come from that place, at all times, in order to be guided to our full potential. I took all of this information to heart, if you will, and over the years I gathered an understanding of what these teachers were sharing. The upside down triangle indicated to me an inverse and incorrect alignment. The bottom and largest part of the triangle represented my mind, and the small part of the triangle represented my heart. I understand now that my presence was residing and taking up most of the space in my mental capacity and very little of my presence was occupying my heart space, and because of this, there was no way for my head to connect with my heart, and hence the sever. I did feel lost back then, and sometimes not knowing which way was up. I kept asking myself and searching for ways of discovering my sacred heart space, and through my meditation practice and discovering specific meditations that take me there, I feel like the triangle is now right side up and corrected. Because of this correction of being more in my heart space and less attached to my trickster thinking, my life has turned completely around. I'm more in tune to my divine self and inner guidance system, and don't have to force my life, but get deep guidance and inspiration that continue to feed my potential, and taking right turns instead of wrong ones. I also feel more deeply connected to myself and the collective in a way that I have not experienced previously. There is more self love and less thoughts of my limitations. This re-orientation of our presence is a practice. It doesn't happen over night, we are all learning as we go, so it's important to grasp the value of practicing. The more we practice and use tools that connect us to our divine selves (sacred heart), the more we reside there and reap the benefits of our inner guidance and unconditional love for ourselves and others. We think that we have to think our way through life, and no doubt, our brain is very useful, the problem is when we are mostly in our brain, and hardly at all in our heart and gut. I share this with you because I understand that we are all in this together, and if it's happening to me, it's more than likely happening to others. We are all shifting and discovering our divine selves and striving to correct the triangle orientation as we collectively move into a higher vibration on the planet. The first step to raising our vibration is through our sacred heart space. So I invite you to explore your sacred heart space and start connecting to your true self and true potential.  Here is a simple meditation I would like to share with you that you can start practicing today... Remember the more you practice, the more you will transform.

Prior to starting this meditation: As you sit quietly, imagine that you can see inside your skull, you can see the sides of your skull, see your brain, now see your awareness as a glowing ball of light, feel what it feels like. Now see your awareness, the ball of light, move down into your throat, stop for a moment and feel what that feels like, continue dropping your awareness further down to your that you are in your heart, see behind your heart and notice an opening, imagine your awareness traveling through this opening - you will have your own experience from here as you travel into your sacred heart space, now you may begin the meditation.


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